Energy Initiatives and Challenges

Presenter Presentation Title
Rob Ivester EERE Overview – Huntsville Energy Summit Download
Rob Ivester Federal Energy Management Program Advanced Manufacturing Office Download
Jason R. Snyder Tennessee Valley Authority – Energy Initiatives and Challenges Download
Stacy Cantrell More Than Energy Download
Robert L. Straitt Energy Challenges and Initiatives Coming Soon
John Marra Siemens Perspective on Future Hydrogen Fuel Download
Karim Manji IMCOM Sustainment Directorate Download


Presenter Presentation Title
Jack Surash Huntsville Energy Summit Download

Advanced Manufacturing

Presenter Presentation Title
Elio Orta Sofos Harbert Renewable Energy and the Southeast Solar Industry Business Download
Jeneen Horton 2019 Annual Energy Summit Download
Rudy Hornsby HH Health System Download
Keith Woodbury Alabama Industrial Assessment Center Download
DeWayne Howell Polaris Energy Conservation Download
Alexander Thomas Industrial Assessment Center at NC State Project Sampler Download

Energy Management

Presenter Presentation Title
Shah Alam Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) Measurement & Verification (M&V) Download
Richard Gilles Self-Sustaining Buildings: Resilience – Lethality – Innovation Download
Kristina Armstrong Advanced Manufacturing Tools and Programs – MEASUR/Better Plants Download
Jay Wrobel and Paul Sheaffer 50001 Ready Your EnMS Solution Download
John Trudell and Teresa Whalen Integrating Energy Programs and Services to Complete the Energy Puzzle Download
Chris Beeker Rural Energy For America Program (REAP) & Rural e-Connectivity (“ReConnect”) Program Download


Presenter Presentation Title
Africa Welch-Castle Distributed Energy Storage: From Batteries to Buildings to Bottom-line Benefits Download
Scott Higgins Resilient: DoD Installation Microgrids Download
Chis Lovejoy U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command – Aviation & Missile Center: Control Systems Approved Products List Download
C. Davidson Resiliency and Energy Security: Siemens Distributed Energy Systems Download
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